With a specific goal of helping close-knit communities reach out beyond their usual boundaries, HPB is a cutting edge experience of evangelization that truly meets college students and young adults where they are, while leading them into deeper unity with Christ and a community of believers…think campus or young adult group kickoff events.  Responding to the call of Pope Francis and his two predecessors to bring the beauty and attractiveness of the Gospel to the unevangelized, HPB stimulates the intellect and the heart through a night of encounter with people and with artwork.  HPB events consist of three high quality components: guest speaker presentation, performance/experience of beautiful art, leisure time for meaningful, personal conversations with presenters, artists, and participants.  These events are typically held in neutral venues, such as campus auditoriums, which simultaneously expands the reach of the Gospel message while growing awareness of local Catholic student and young adult groups that more people can plug into.

Sample Event: 

6:30pm         Doors Open

7:00            Welcome, Introduction from Hosting Group

7:10            Keynote Presentation: “The Way of Beauty” by Bill Donaghy

8:00            Intermission

8:30            Performance: “Writers’ Round” (Musicians Greg&Lizzy, Shawn     Williams, Dewayne Smithers take turns sharing original compositions) 

9:15            Q&A with Bill and Artists

9:45            Closing Remarks, Announcements, Invitations from Hosting Group


To learn more about some of the top-notch presenters and artists we work with for these events, visit the links below!

Bill Donaghy, speaker

Shawn Williams, violinist, composer

Marian West, contemporary dancer

James Rosenbloom, cellist

Mike Mangione, singer/songwriter

Dewayne Smithers, freestyle poet, rapper 


For more information, or to chat about possibilities for your campus or church event, contact Greg Boudreaux at greg@dumboxministries.com.