Dedicated to advancing the message of the New Evangelization. In his Apostolic Letter Novo Millenio Ineunte, Pope John Paul II states, “There is a pressing need to implement an extensive plan of vocational promotion.” (NMI, 46) Mystery Trip is one of the ways we’re responding to that need. We believe that true discovery of one’s unique and personal vocation – whether that be marriage, priesthood, or consecrated life – is preceded by discovery of one’s identity as a beloved son or beloved daughter of God. Only when we trust God as Father can we free fall into the mystery of where He will lead us. Mystery Trip witnesses powerfully to this reality through the straightforward, real-life story of teenagers who are themselves the raw and unfinished products of grace, knowledge and surrender.

Mystery Trip is...

An up-close, honest exploration of young people on the road, trying to find their place in life. A group of teens says yes to a bus trip without knowing the destination or the duration of the trek. This feature-length reality film follows their physical and spiritual journeys as they come to grips with major questions of identity, problems at home and the fear that God may (or may not) be calling them to a mystery beyond this trip.

Meet the Characters

Meet the main personalities in this is full length, reality film. Follow these teenagers as they begin a journey where the only thing certain is uncertainty itself.


Innocent. Genuine. Pure. Any of these could work as Beth’s middle name. A cute smile, real humility and warm heart all give Beth a truly magnetic personality. With great musical gifts and good friends and family, one of her biggest struggles is fear of the unknown. How will she react to a trip that is completely driven by the unknown?


A football player and a boxer. A tender heart within a strong young man’s body. Coupled with his bold approach to life, Caleb’s no-nonsense attitude and witty sense make him an unpredictable factor on the mystery trip. Will the trip reveal something deeper about his faith and about his future?


A bubbly Cajun girl, she knows how to have fun. Her confidence, excitable personality and natural leadership make her a perfect fit for a trip into the unknown. While she is best friends with Beth, she’s ready for the adventure and no one wants to figure it out the details of this trip — or of her future – more than she does. But beneath all the bubbles, a deep hunger for love fuels the mystery trip of her heart


This drummer who loves the outdoors has a strong desire to be a man; this desire is only rivaled by the giant capacity of his good and wounded heart. His trust has been broken before, and now he faces a trip that could be a defining moment in his life, even as his past threatens to define his future.