Since it’s conception in 2002, Dumb Ox Ministries has been dedicated to seeing and meeting the needs of people of all ages by offering experiences that are genuinely life-changing.  Through speaking events and retreats for teens, young adults, parishes, and organizations, we’ve ministered to tens of thousands people both locally and nationally, always with the intention of leading them to an authentic encounter with Jesus.  We offer many options when it comes to themes, content, and activities including retreat packages that are tried and true, and retreat packages that are tailored to meet the needs of a specific community.  With a large and experienced team of presenters to draw from, we’re confident that we can exceed your expectations for your next retreat! 

In addition to our experience leading retreats, we’ve spent the last three years honing our skills as parish mission presenters.  We’re ready to come to your community with a compelling presentation of the Gospel that infuses the familiar three-day parish mission model with creative innovations.  Relying on both engaging messages delivered through talks and inspiring experiences of original music and art, we offer a unique opportunity for the entire parish family to take steps forward together in their relationship with God and understanding of the Catholic Faith.  We specialize in offering missions with a team of presenters capable of engaging the many segments of the congregation while also working closely with parish leaders to craft themes and content specific to the needs of the parish community and the particular Liturgical Season.

To learn more about Dumb Ox retreats and parish missions, contact Greg Boudreaux: